About Me

about spike

Hi, My name is Tim “Spike” Davis and I love hunting and drawing cartoons. Scattered Thoughts is my way of combining both of these passions.

I have been blessed enough to have some of my work published in magazines such as Predator Xtreme , ARG&H, Heartland Outdoors, Xtreme Hog Hunter, Primitive Archer, Bear Hunting magazine and many more.

I am by no means a great hunter but love getting out in God’s creation when ever I can and trying to outwit any game animal that crosses my radar. I have hunted whitetail deer and squirrel with a primitive bow, turkey with shotgun and most recently, my first Russian boar with a 13″ knife, but my big obsession is pursuing the wily Eastern coyote with rifle and shotgun.

I will be updating my cartoons on a regular basis and will also be blogging about my latest hunts, successful or not. I hope you enjoy this site and share in the camaraderie this great sport has to offer.

Though hunting, fishing and the outdoors is an integral part of my life my true passions are my love for Jesus Christ and my awesome wife, Amy. Without them all else would be pointless for me.

God bless,
Tim (spike) Davis